Quality Standard

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We are committed to maintaining our longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality work – on time and on budget. Every project is delivered according to best practice methods, ensuring an optimum level of service for all markets and all industries.

Meeting regulations

We observe strict adherence to relevant safety, construction and environmental guidelines. This protects our employees and our clients, while ensuring that our work meets industry-recognised outcomes. All fabricated products are tested against stringent quality control measures, determined according to Australian standards.

Protecting the environment

Our environmental management systems ensure that all production processes are designed to minimise environmental impact. We are committed to energy conservation, waste reduction and improving sustainability. More than ninety per cent of our products are manufactured from recyclable materials and the anticipated average life span for equipment exceeds ten years.


Detailed documentation is provided for every step of the process – from design to fabrication to installation. This can include material data safety sheets (MSDs), material compliance certificates, weld mapping and procedures, and images demonstrating pressure testing.

Our HR certificate management system ensures that our welders’ qualifications are updated frequently, with accreditation for technical competence determined by regular radiographic reports.

Continual improvement

Our workplace is a safe, productive, high-performance environment, run by a tight team. We are committed to continual improvement, achieved through rigorous testing, assessment and regular reviews of our quality management systems.

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