Semi Frameless Aluminium

The semi frameless balustrade systems allow for an exposed glass bottom edge giving the area which it is placed a minimalist appeal.


  • Balustrade systems allows for an exposed glass bottom edge giving the area which it is used a minimalist appeal.
  • Ultra slimline system allowing for a clean and simplistic look.
  • Semi Frameless Balustrades can come installed with an offset handrail completing the architectural characters of the exposed glass top edge.
  • Comes in many types of variations to suit all jobs and project desires.

All our balustrade systems include the following important features:

  • Handrails are pre-measured, pre-fabricated and pre-finished, so installation is highly efficient and involves minimal onsite presence.
  • Handrail systems are largely interchangeable, allowing specifiers to combine various materials and colours.
  • Joints feature precision machining with a high quality finish, rather than visible welds.
  • Each component can be finished individually, allowing specifiers to create visual links between balustrades and other architectural elements.
  • Components are standardised, meaning reduced costs and minimal lead times.
  • All work is covered by our ten-year design and manufacturing warranty.
Used to create a subtle look
Balustrade System offering a slimline style
A more popular balustrade system giving a flush and clean look
Using only a 50mm round post, the Quest is a unique system
This system uses a conventional handrail and exposed bottom edge of glass
This Balustrade System provides a balance between a full framed and frameless system
This system enhances a semi frameless look with an unglazed top and bottom edge

This system is best used for privacy screens and uses an offset handrail with exposed edges of glass
This system is the only certified system capable of withstanding a load 3kn/m. Suitable to be used in shopping centres, stadiums and various other public locations.

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